I understand that you have some questions about how we do Elementary School here at FreedomProject Academy. First, please visit the following link on our website https://fpeusa.org/admissions/tuition


To apply to FPA you will pay an enrollment fee of $225 per student. K-5 classes are $2400 per student for the entire school year. 

The $225 enrollment fee is not included in the tuition and is NON-refundable.


K-5 classes are 2 hours per day 4 days per week (M-TH). Friday is a workday to finish up any homework they may still have as due dates on homework are very important. 


The books are a separate cost and cost approximately $300.


For Elementary you can sign up for Tutoring in 5th grade only. We have Tutoring for Math/Science and English Grammar/Writing/Literature. 

The tutoring cost is an additional $200 for the year per family, no matter how many students you have.

You can also sign up for JumpStart! This is where a staff member will be helping you from enrollment, to buying books, to picking the right class, to answering any questions you have and being your Academic Advisor throughout the year. They will make sure you are ready to go on the first day of school.  


To see a sneak peak of a recorded live class, click on the grade your child will be in when you click on the following link:  https://fpeusa.org/academic-classes. Once there, go to the bottom where it says "SNEAK PEAK VIDEO". There you will be directed to Youtube and will see a full class of that grade.