A student entering Kindergarten will need to do a readiness placement test.

Using our online live classroom, your student will be assessed for letter and number recognition, oral communication skills, and recognition of shapes, colors, and patterns. The student will be asked to count from 1-20 and to recite the letters of the alphabet.

Grades 1 - 5:

A student entering 1st - 5th grade will complete a math, a handwriting, and a reading assessment using our online live classroom. The student will do some oral reading from a short passage of text from the previous grade level. They will answer questions about the passage and explain the meaning of some vocabulary words.

Junior High or High School:

For enrollment to be finalized for any course, a student entering Junior High or High School must complete a placement test that covers grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. This will ensure that the student’s reading and comprehension level is sufficient for the class in which they are enrolling.    

The math placement test will measure knowledge of math concepts from the previous grade level. It will show academic readiness for entry into a specific Math course or Science course. Students are required to show all of their work on the Math and Science placement tests.